Sunday, March 28, 2010

New ride arrives!!!!

So last year about this time I saw a bike fitter to take care of some knee and foot problems I was having. At the same time, I asked him based on my riding position, size, etc what a great fitting upgrade would be. From my measurements, I was told to look for frames with geometries that were long and low... meaning that they had longer top tubes in proportion to the seat tubes. The two main competitors in the geometry were the famous Cervelo P3 and the Quintana Roo CD0.1. Everyone seems to ride a P3 and the fitter was really driving me towards the Quintana Roo. Note that he did not sell bikes at the time. He is now partnered with a bike shop that sells Cervelo's... and he still recommended the QRoo.

So after saving my money from working way too much this winter.... Here it is:

It is a 2010 QRoo CD0.1 frameset equipped with a Zipp Vuka front end with the vuka aerobar system and the new VukaShift R2C shifters. Its outfitted with SRAM Red derailleurs and SRAM Red BB30 crankset. Pedals are the new Look Keo Blades. Topped it off with the tried and true ISM Adamo road saddle. Here are some closeups:

A few comments...
  • Shift Technology - Note the downtube shifted to the chainring side. Not sure how much this matters in its attempt to divert air to one side of the bike. It is a very interesting concept
  • Internal cable routing - Cable entry/exit system is top notch.
  • Brake placement - Notice the hidden front/rear brake behind the fork and behind the bottom bracket.
  • Seatpost - The bracket to mount the seat is pure genius. The post gives seat angle markings for 76 through 81 degrees (odds on the other side) and as you move into steeper angles, the bracket groove moves up slightly. This makes fitting relatively easy!!
  • VukaShift R2C - These are awesome! Return to center shifters which are like big paddles reducing strain on wrists.
Now comes the hard part.... Working on the engine!

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Buttsy said...

Bling Bling!!! Looks great!